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Everybody's got to learn change grow sometime(s)

 Your wake-up call

Your organisation must change
You want change

You are all working really hard. Maybe you are still doing okay. Or maybe some unrest is already showing. But increasingly you get the feeling: there must be some other way. But how do we find it? Where should we start? How will we get our people along?

You are not looking for a new technical solution, like implementing a new IT system. Your question lies deeper: do we still offer real customer value? Do we still do the right things? Are our processes still up to date? Are we still up to date? Do we still like our culture?


Change starts with your people

Many changes are pushed from a technical point of view. Which can be fine for relatively simple IT implementations for instance. But for more fundamental changes, the picture is less clear. And probably unique to you. You will have to face this challenge together. Choose together what to do. And work on that, together. That is what we call co-creation.

Fast and diligent

You set the agenda

You can only change yourself. You can only learn yourself. You will set the goals, the pace, how you will go about it. You are the owner and executor of your change. It is not easy, change. In hindsight the path is always clear, but looking forward is a different matter altogether.

An independent outsider can help in this process. By helping to structure, keeping up the pace, running the programme. By helping to engage people in your organisation, ensuring no-one gets lost. And by providing expert knowledge and training where and when needed. Business Being Human can play that role for you.


Change canvas as guide – 4 steps, 10 principles

The Change Canvas by Business Being Human helps you to keep a grip on your change process. The Canvas helps you to map your journey and suggests which actions to take next. This way, everyone knows where they are in the process and what is expected of them. No confusion. The canvas is based on the 4D Change Model of Business Being Human. Have look at the model here.


Start your change here!

Contact us to chat about your change challenge – or any other development challenge you are facing. Would you rather postpone addressing your challenges for a bit? Click here.

With Business Being Human

A clear approach, less confusion
Everybody aboard, leading to swift results

Without Business Being Human

A leading coalition! But where are the others?
Very swift completion of the change project, but the change itself simmers away quietly

So you do change. What else can you help us with?

Programmes: design and execution

Over fifteen years of experience with programme design and execution. For talent development, management development, and career development. Ranging from trainees to executive level, also in co-creation with international business schools.

Team sessions and team coaching

We can help you with individual sessions as well. Often these are on subjects such as strategy development, inspiration, facilitated conversation, or group interventions. Depending on the specific subject we may work with outside specialists.

Individual coaching

We coach entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and professionals. Subjects vary from (personal) leadership, change, career development, to discovery. We are affiliated with EMCC (Nobco).

Examples from our practice

  • Improving intercommunication managers

    Situation The organisation deploys a broad range of activities while operating in a difficult environment. The environment changes quickly necessitating a rethink or reorganisation of current activities. As this situation has endured for some time already, unrest and fear have…

  • Re-validation work values and vision for the future

    Situation A large organisation needs to be able to react to large societal challenges facing the organisation. There is an impression that a specific department falls short in supporting the organisation in this task. More is demanded, both in terms…

  • Realising new opportunities

    Situation There is a sense in the organisation that business development stagnates. Surely there should be more opportunities available than are now being realised? The stagnation in business development shows through: slow growth compared to competitors an ageing product/service portfolio…

  • Soft skills

    Situation The implementation of a culture change programme met with massive resistance. Honouring agreements showed to be much more difficult, or even impossible, in daily practice than was anticipated at the start of the project. This led to growing irritation…

  • Leadership

    Situation Many organisations will face a leadership crisis during the implementation phase. This type of crisis shows through a deadlock in taking initiative. At these moments it is unclear who will take initiative and what the expectations of others are.…

Thinking clearly in times of crisis

With Covid-19, we all have been inundated by official and…