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Improving intercommunication managers


The organisation deploys a broad range of activities while operating in a difficult environment. The environment changes quickly necessitating a rethink or reorganisation of current activities. As this situation has endured for some time already, unrest and fear have taken root, leading amongst others to key players leaving the organisation. Business Being Human is asked to help find a way to address this unrest and stem the loss of key people.


A first scan with the management team shows that internal communication should be the first point to address. Protocolled interviews are conducted with all people involved. In addition to discussing content, these interviews are set up to discuss how every individual participant experiences the current situation. Psychological safety is addressed explicitly. The interview further serves to prepare for a following plenary session. The results of the interviews are presented in a ‘mirror gallery’ where every participant can read about every other’s worries, concerns and ideas.

Challenges and opportunities for the organisation were worked out in a plenary session with all managers. The focus in this session was on facilitating the conversation, exchanging and understanding differing viewpoints and concerns. The session was experienced as a major relief. The positive and constructive way of communication leads to much clarification on problems and resistance.


The positive energy flowing from this session leads to the start of an action plan to be executed in task groups. A change plan is formed by the group itself, while communication and with that understanding for each other’s position is improved. The strong effects of this improved communication subsequently show in the regular business activities.